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Alicia Silverstone
Real Name: Alicia Silverstone
Height: 5' 9
Nationality: American
Date: October 4 1976
Birth Place: San Francisco California USA
Occupation: Actress model producer
Education: Crocker Middle School San Mateo High School
Relationship: Mozie Chabbouth (hairdresser) Adam Sandler (actor) Bryan Mashard Christopher Jarecki (musician) Leonardo DiCaprio (actor) Kenneth Branagh (actor)

Father: Monty Silverstone (real-estate investor) Mother: Didi Silverstone (former flight attendant) Sister: Davit Silverstone Brother: Kezi (a rock singer)

Claim to fame: as Cher Horowitz in Clueless (1995)

A series of “swimsuit shots” led Alicia Silverstone to modeling. She was a mere six years old; the photographer was her dad. Nine years and many commercials later, the teenager had come into her own. Her natural charisma combined with sultry innocence to create a potent on-screen presence, and the model turned to acting. More...

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