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Ashley Judd

Birth Name:
Ashley Tyler Judd
Ashley Tyler Ciminella

Height: 5' 7''
Nationality: American
Date: April 19 1968
Birth Place: Los Angeles California
Education: University of Kentucky (majored in French; graduated) Playhouse West School and Theater Company Los Angeles CA

Relationship: Dario Franchitti (professional race car driver; engaged in December 1999) Lyle Lovett (actor singer) Matthew McConaughey (actor) Michael Bolton (singer) Brady Anderson (professional athlete) Robert De Niro (actor)

Father: Michael Ciminella (marketing specialist) Mother: Naomi Judd (aka Diana Judd; singer)
Sister: Wynonna Judd (aka Christina Claire Judd; singer)

Ashley Judd shuns the celebrity side of stardom for her confessed  "...fear of fans and fear of intrusiveness.."  A stalker incident in September1999 further reinforced those fears. Judd's inherited beauty, brains and talent, and her own unique rural-urban sophistication have taken this rags-to-riches fairy-tale heroine to the heights of the acting profession. More....

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