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Katie Holmes

Birth Name: Kate Noelle Holmes
Height: 5' 8''
Date: December 18 1978
Birth Place: Toledo Ohio
Education: High school Notre Dame Academy Toledo Ohio (an all-girls Catholic school; graduated in June of 1997) Columbia University

Relationship: Chris Klein (actor; reportedly dating as of January 2000) Joshua Jackson (actor) Kevin Eastland

Father: Martin Holmes (lawyer)
Mother: Kathy Holmes (homemaker)
Brother: Martin Holmes Jr (lawyer)

Holmes, 17 an unknown in 1996, got her show business start when she traveled from her Toledo, Ohio, home to New York for a modeling convention.  There she was approached by a Los Angeles talent scout and was soon on her way to California for six weeks of auditions.  She was hired on her first try for a role in The Ice Storm (1997).  More....

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